The following organizations have generously supported the Auditory-Verbal Center through donations, sponsorships, and/or other charitable gifts.

AGL Resources
APL Atlanta Foundation
BJ Charitable Fund
Billi Marcus Foundation
Braves Foundation
Campbell Foundation
Carefree Fund Foundation
Community Foundation of Central Georgia
Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta
Dobbs Foundation
EZ Agape Foundation
Frances Wood Wilson Foundation
Gannett Foundation
GE Energy
Greene-Sawtell Foundation
Georgia Healthcare Foundation
Innovation Worthy Projects
James Starr Moore Foundation
John and Mary Franklin Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
Kiwanis Clubs of Georgia
Kenneth and Joan Campbell Foundation
Lillian T. Cartledge Foundation Fund
Lipscomb Family Foundation
Luther & Susie Harrison Foundation
Mary Allen Lindsay Branan Foundation
McMaster Carr Supply Company
Nell Warren & William Simpson Elkin Foundation
Newland Family Foundation
Nordson Corperation Foundation
Piedmont Clinic
Price Gilbert Jr. Foundation
Rich Foundation
Richard Monroe Foundation
Robert Woodruff Foundation
United Way of Greater Atlanta
TJX Foundation
Waterfall Foundation