Who We Are


The Auditory-Verbal Center (AVC) was founded in 1977 in a small room above a church in Atlanta, GA. Since its humble beginnings, AVC has grown allowing us to open three campuses—Atlanta Campus, Macon Campus and the Virtual Campus.

AVC is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3), that offers truly unique services, making it one of only a few such centers in the United States offering comprehensive Auditory-Verbal therapy and a full-service Audiology & Hearing Aid Clinic.

Our highly-trained specialists can offer service, consultation or referrals on a vast variety of issues concerning auditory-verbal therapy, cochlear implants, hearing aids and a host of other hearing impaired resources for the deaf or hard of hearing.

For over 35 years we have provided a family-centered and holistic approach to supporting and improving the lives of persons who are deaf or hard of hearing.


To bring people who are deaf or hard of hearing into a lifetime of listening and speaking.


The Auditory-Verbal Center, Inc. is a premier provider of comprehensive Auditory-Verbal and Audiological Services to infants, children, adults, and their families. Through the auditory verbal approach, we teach children with mild hearing loss to profound deafness to listen and speak WITHOUT the use of sign language or lip reading.