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MAY: Better Hearing and Speech Month

To celebrate this special month, the Auditory-Verbal Center will be hosting two free hearing screenings for adults and children at the Atlanta Office:
May 18th - 10AM - 1PM
May 30th - 12PM - 4PM

Juan's Story

We watched him grow as he uttered his first words. After a year and a half we started to notice that something was not right. He stopped talking and was also not responding when we called his name.

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Spring 2013 Newsletter Cover

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Winter Cover

Celebrating 35 Years

“Since opening its doors as the Auditory Education Clinic in 1977 to serve a handful of families, the Auditory-Verbal Center has grown to be an organization serving families across the state of Georgia…”

Christopher’s Story

“I am very thankful that my parents chose to teach me to listen and talk through the Auditory-Verbal Center.”

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Fall 2012 Newsletter

Musician's Earplugs

There are many reasons why musicians should9protect their hearing while practicing and playing. 

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Summer 2012 Newsletter Cover

Hearing Aids & Summertime

Summertime lends itself to some unique challenges for hearing aid and cochlear implant devices

Annabeth's Story

Annabeth was eight months old when she didn't hear me call her name one morning.

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